Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yummy! Cauliflower Soup

I just made this soup for dinner. It's easy! I must admit that I altered the recipe just a tad. I'll review in just a second and get back to you.

I am stuffed! I thought is was very tasty, creamy, and too hot to gobble up... my tongue is a little scorched. :( Thankfully not burnt or I would look like this />{o} ....just goofing.

I followed PW's recipe pretty close, although I don't usually measure. I added some ham chunks and sauted that with the veggies. Mel thinks it would be better with picnic ham...saltier I guess but what does he know he double salts everything and besides that he has a terrible head cold! ;)

The veggies were probably chopped up finer than PW's because I didn't use a knife...that was fine but next time I will leave the cauliflower chunkier. Cheese would also be nice and next time I may have to make it NM chili, anyone?


  1. Thanks for that link! I tried to find the recipe after you commented on my blog and I couldn't find it. We are swimming in cauliflower right now!

  2. Our family has a recipe that is very similar, but we also add brocolli and a fair amount of cheese to the soup and it is great that way too!!